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I am Robert. This is my (really small) homepage.

Only this OLD website is available ... at the moment.

Why at the moment ... because ...

I am currently working - really hard - on the new website!

This new website will have ...
* a new design
* a user management
* a phpBB forum (free registration)
* currently two translations (english, german) but more translations with your help :), and
* a small chat for communication.

ALL old scripts will be available and updated ... e.g., the functionality of the universal leetspeak converter will be huuuuuge ...
Currently 60(!) NEW scripts (such as acronymizer, closest color match, color blindness simulator, color generator, color description, disposable email detection, email permutator, hasher, (domain) typo generator, multi URL opener)

Bad thing: new domain/URL for that (will be a shortened version of the current URL) ...
Good thing: community based, many new scripts, later also apps (for Android/iOS), more functionality/interactivity, ...

Everybody who mentioned this old website (blog post, ...) in the past will - if he/she is registered and wants :o) - has extended rights ;-) (just a thank you to you)

If you have whishes ... contact me via email ... tnx and cya :-)

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* already offline

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