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Explanation"Universal Leet (L337, L33T, 1337) Converter" converts text to leetspeak ("encode"), or leetspeak to text ("decode"). Input the text or leetspeak into textarea called "Input". Choose mode "customized leet (select)" or "customized leet (enter)" for your own leet transformations. Other modes like ASCII/Unicode ordinal number, Braille, or Morse code are available.
Development and historyLeetspeak (or leet) is an alternate representation of text that replaces letters with numbers or character combinations. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337 and l33t.
Input (text or leet)
Output (text or leet)
Mode: customized leet (select) and customized leet (enter)
a, Ah, Ho, Ov, V
b, Bi, Ip, Pw, W
c, Cj, Jq, Qx, X
d, Dk, Kr, Ry, Y
e, El, Ls, Sz, Z
f, Fm, Mt, T
g, Gn, Nu, U
Mode: shifting
DirectionPositions nVariation

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